“With music you feel a moment that you already lived in the past, or a moment you will live in the future or a moment you will never have at all. It travels with you and saves you.” CALMDOWN is a musician.

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LISTEN IT — The album tries to answer these questions: How far and through how many phases, places, losses, people, lovers, frequencies, tears, conversations, inner struggles should we travel to understand that - only when we begin to really love ourselves, all distances would become bridges that lead to one beautiful garden, which is full of our fruity imperfections and every time that we taste them, we will weep of happiness.  The Idea of this Project is to get the feeling of flying in an aeroplane and is trying to go through different kind of music styles. Music Styles vary from hip hop to ambient to jazz to pop to rock elements and psychedelic elements , trip hop and also some church chorus harmonies. 
It is made because of the need I had to fly but for some reason I couldn’t, because of the fictitious reality that stops us from doing things we love and we really need. Such as dancing, facing the sun, friends, being in love or fall in love, enjoying life to the fullest. Like all my albums the album tries to tell a story. The story - of course - could be perceived differently from person to person. Because in this plane there is not only one route- direction. There are more than one story that need to be told. That's the beauty of traveling. I want, that every time people listen to this record, they will find something new and travel somewhere else. That was the purpose of this album. To Travel as much as possible and to find answers and collect experiences from the past , the present and then move forward.  CALMDOWN AND FLY WITH ME — CREDITS — Released February 22, 2018 — All tracks written, performed and produced by Eliza - Irini Vidalis aka CALMDOWN Εxcept "All is pretty in Berlin", Trumpet performed by POTELIN (canada)  — Mixed by CALMDOWN except Silly Questions mixed by Johnny Ro (Athens) —Mastered by Andrew Pegram —Artwork Christoph Zibell — Many thanks to Sissel Kristensen.


Cråwl To Exit


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LISTEN IT — Melancholic minimal sound waves with a positive touch, spiced with blues notes, darkling rhythms which are combined with a smoky - booming voice! — CREDITS — Released January 11, 2014 — Produced by Calmdown — All lyrics and music written & composed by Calmdown — Mastering by Panajiotis Vaxevanakis (lowerparts record label) — Cover design by Igor Verdozzi (eyegor) — Self-recorded, 2013. 

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LISTEN IT — “Only if we let our emotions be what they are, we can be who we are!” — CALMDOWNs first EP “Honest” deals with human emotions in its purest forms. Emotions that we tried to keep away from ourselves buy building distancing walls of denial and unacceptance around us. Emptiness, greediness, failure, fury, grief or love: All those feelings that we are not supposed to show openly or that we are afraid of having, because they are opposed to the all efficient pragmatism of our head-controlled and self-masking society. And because they can hurt us. Yet, all those feelings that run through veins and all those failures that might break our hearts, are what makes us human, what makes us individual and what proves us being alive! We need to accept and understand this. Only by this we understand ourselves. Only if we let these emotions be what they are, we can be who we are. Eros is mindchaos. “Honest” is CALMDOWNs musical translation of letting go and leaning in. The songs – are based in one takes – mirror the unfiltered reality of thoughts, moods and bodily feelings with floating melodies, melancholic vocals and with hints of mindchaos through breakbeats and disharmonic arrangements. — Text: Mihaela Gladovic (freie Journalistin) — CREDITS — Released November 28, 2015 — Composed, Produced & Directed by Calmdown — All texts written by Calmdown — Mixing by Stelios Vakaloudis and Calmdown— Mastering by The Goldfinger Recordings Stelios Vakaloudis — Artwork by Igor Verdozzi (Eyegor)



LISTEN IT — ‘...The epilogue is used to allow the main character a chance to “speak freely”. ...although the form of an epilogue can occasionally be drastically different from the overall story. It can also be used as a sequel...’ — With this album i would like to close a chapter. A musical chapter of the last years creating music. It is a conclusion I have come to by learning from people I have met over the years. It is a chat between me and them. An interaction. I love to see and live life, as if it was a movie and i prefer to describe my music as a “Sound - Movie”. This is the first season of my personal movie which comes to an end. These are some of the artists - among others - that took part. I want to thank all of them and i want to thank all of you who support me. — CREDITS — Released December 15, 2016 — Mastering Andrew Pegram / White Productions — Many thanks to Sissel Kristensen for the corrections on Jehovax Complex's track text. Original tracks are written & produced by Elisa – Irini Vidalis aka CALMDOWN


Poetry Post Music

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LISTEN IT — The Album is based on my poetry collection, entitled “Daily Mail”. It is in fact the reading of some poems that I chose through this collection, combined with a musical background. It is worth mentioning that the background music is a result of some hours and is improvisation. The 'poetry post music' aims to make the poems to consisting not only of body but also of soul. This is an experimentation to combine two arts. Music and speech. However the album could also heard for other reasons such fun, dancing etc. Despite the fact that I can handle the Greek language better than the English, is the first time that i connect Greek verse to music. — CREDITS — Released February 13, 2015




LISTEN IT — Fuck the past make love to the future! — The past is contrasted with and defined by the present and the future. The past makes the future. Every second, every minute, every hour, every moment belongs to the past. In these seconds and these moments, we live ... At least we think we do. The past can destroy the future, but can also fix it again, destroy it and fix it - and so on. Past is like a music- loop we will play again in the future! Past is a doll probably the only doll that you don't play with but the opposite. The doll will always be there in old boxes that you buried once and will always appear to play again. Does the future exist? Or do we always live in the past and we are playing the same loop again and again...? If we live in the past, if we live in a loop, is it maybe time to break the loop with some new melodies? I red somewhere, thinking of the past brings tears, thinking of the future brings fears, Leaving the present brings cheers! So if the present is the future, let us fuck the past and make love to the future! — CREDITS — Released May 27, 2014 — Cover design by Igor Verdozzi (eyegor)