epilogos — remix digital album

epilogos — remix digital album

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Part 3 of the Cråwl to Exit Trilogy

1. CALMDOWN-Aniretak (Fuchur& Davethediver RMX) 05:51
2. CALMDOWN-Hey u idiot (CALMDOWN RMX) 05:41
3. CALMDOWN-Interludium (SOOMA RMX) 06:25
4. CALMDOWN-Jehovah Complex (SINGLE) 06:05 track is not included.
5. CALMDOWN-Keep him (HYDROESSA RMX) 06:08
6. CALMDOWN-No soul, no party (Johnny Ro RMX ) 05:31
7. CALMDOWN-We will make it Darling (NurJaber RMX) 02:35
8. CALMDOWN-We will win Darling (Spaced Cowboy RMX) 05:49
9. CALMDOWN-Why i sing (Audio Plaggio RMX) 02:42
10. CALMDOWN-Wind (Idle Sun RMX) 07:24

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‘...The epilogue is used to allow the main character a chance to “speak freely”. ...although the form of an epilogue can occasionally be drastically different from the overall story. It can also be used as a sequel...’ — With this album i would like to close a chapter. A musical chapter of the last years creating music. It is a conclusion I have come to by learning from people I have met over the years. It is a chat between me and them. An interaction. I love to see and live life, as if it was a movie and i prefer to describe my music as a “Sound - Movie”. This is the first season of my personal movie which comes to an end. These are some of the artists - among others - that took part. I want to thank all of them and i want to thank all of you who support me. — CREDITS — Released December 15, 2016 — Mastering Andrew Pegram / White Productions — Many thanks to Sissel Kristensen for the corrections on Jehovax Complex's track text. Original tracks are written & produced by Elisa – Irini Vidalis aka CALMDOWN