honest — compact disc

honest — compact disc


Part 2 of the Cråwl to Exit Trilogy

1. Let me tell you a story 00:58
2. Aniretak 05:20
3. Warm Crystal Drops 06:20
4. Eros is a sweetmotherfucker 04:42
5. No Soul, no Party 05:46
6. Interludium 04:58
7. Why I sing 02:33

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“Only if we let our emotions be what they are, we can be who we are!” — CALMDOWNs first EP “Honest” deals with human emotions in its purest forms. Emotions that we tried to keep away from ourselves buy building distancing walls of denial and unacceptance around us. Emptiness, greediness, failure, fury, grief or love: All those feelings that we are not supposed to show openly or that we are afraid of having, because they are opposed to the all efficient pragmatism of our head-controlled and self-masking society. And because they can hurt us. Yet, all those feelings that run through veins and all those failures that might break our hearts, are what makes us human, what makes us individual and what proves us being alive! We need to accept and understand this. Only by this we understand ourselves. Only if we let these emotions be what they are, we can be who we are. Eros is mindchaos. “Honest” is CALMDOWNs musical translation of letting go and leaning in. The songs – are based in one takes – mirror the unfiltered reality of thoughts, moods and bodily feelings with floating melodies, melancholic vocals and with hints of mindchaos through breakbeats and disharmonic arrangements. — Text: Mihaela Gladovic (freie Journalistin) — CREDITS — Released November 28, 2015 — Composed, Produced & Directed by Calmdown — All texts written by Calmdown — Mixing by Stelios Vakaloudis and Calmdown— Mastering by The Goldfinger Recordings Stelios Vakaloudis — Artwork by Igor Verdozzi (Eyegor)