jehovah complex — digital single

jehovah complex — digital single


Part 3 of the Cråwl to Exit Trilogy

1. CALMDOWN-Jehovah Complex (single) 06:05


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The track refers to four elements. People's weakness in decision-making, in the stupidity of people, in the syndrome of megalomania (Jehovah Complex) and ignorance. For the period we are going through, the track could be compared with the case of Trump and humanity. All these elements together bring about the society we live in. As long as we are unable to make a decision, there will be ''drugs'' that will determine how they want us to live. As long as we keep giving them attention they will achieve their purpose. According to my beliefs, the world we live in, is a mirror of our character. So therefore, the disastrous results can only be put down to our own ignorance. Fortunately, however, there is a group of people who manage, regardless of prevailing, mind-fucking mess up, to bring the rest back to reality. We are creating the world into what we want it to be. We have to work a lot with ourselves and the people around us, without the presence of megalomaniacs. We have to awaken each other. The world has fallen into a deep slumber...