poetry post music — digital album

poetry post music — digital album


1. Kosmos - Enas megalos skoupidotenekes 04:43
2. Idiots 03:05
3. An trogesai kai kaigesai mesa sou 03:01
4. Tragiko kalokairino taxidi 02:31
5. Pitheinia Organa 01:58
6. Tik Tak 00:15
7. I arxi tou telous 01:48
8. Oloklirosi 07:50

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The Album is based on my poetry collection, entitled “Daily Mail”. It is in fact the reading of some poems that I chose through this collection, combined with a musical background. It is worth mentioning that the background music is a result of some hours and is improvisation. The 'poetry post music' aims to make the poems to consisting not only of body but also of soul. This is an experimentation to combine two arts. Music and speech. However the album could also heard for other reasons such fun, dancing etc. Despite the fact that I can handle the Greek language better than the English, is the first time that i connect Greek verse to music. — CREDITS — Released February 13, 2015

daily mail — poetry book (Only in Greek Language)

Some things are easier to say on paper. The poetic collection of Daily Mail consists of everyday thoughts written at those times when no one was next to me to hear them.